What is the service like?

We use a prayer book/machzor by Jules Harlow to provide the structure for the service along with a supplement with transliterations and readings and songs. The service will be familiar to you if you are used to a Conservative or Reform service. In addition, Rabbi Cherie explains what some of the prayers mean and invites participation in a variety of ways. Congregants lead readings, participate in discussions and share reflections from time to time. If you don't want to speak, you are welcome to sit back and enjoy the service.

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Here's what people have said about The Chapel Service!

"I really enjoyed the services. Both of you managed to hit the trifecta with services that

1) caused me to reflect and think,

2) caused me to become spiritually engaged and

3) caused me to learn ... all in a warm and inviting atmosphere. I think about the first year of your services I attended, based solely on a posting at the JCC. Despite being new to your group, we were welcomed and made to feel welcome."

HB, Newton


"I love the fact that you offer the choice of three different silent Amidahs. I used a more traditional one but I love the fact that you included one for people who "don't define their belief as a belief in God". It is refreshing to find a service where everyone is truly welcome and able to find meaning for themselves in your service."

SM, Cambridge


"Yizkor at the Chapel Service is so personal. I am so moved listening to people sharing remembrances of the people they are saying Kaddish for. It takes Yizkor to a whole other level. I couldn't share my story the first year and no one asked me to do so, but I hope next year I'll be able to tell my story too." 

NS, Brookline


"A group of us came to your services last year. We are recent graduates and we will come back again. It was good to be with families and couples of all ages and we also met nice people our own age at lunch. Someone even gave us a ride home! Thanks for having us."

LF, Cambridge