Please fill out the form below in its entirety. In return, you will receive a Paypal invoice. If you prefer to pay by check, scroll to the bottom of this screen and press “Show a print version.” Print the form, fill it out, and send it and a check to 354 Kenrick St. Newton, MA 02458. Please recommend our service to your friends. 

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Erev (Evening) Rosh HaShanah
Rosh HaShanah Day
Kol Nidre (Evening of Yom Kippur)
Yom Kippur Day and Yizkor (Afternoon Memorial Service)
Neila and Break fast at the end of Yom Kippur
Rosh HaShannah Luncheon
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If you would prefer a vegetarian option to the salmon that we serve or if you have any food allergies, please indicate them in the box below.

We ask that everyone that attends make a donation to the Chapel Service. Your donations help pay expenses for the service. The cost is $85 per person for Rosh HaShanah and $85 per person for Yom Kippur. Additional members of an immediate family group are $30 per person per holiday. If you are unable to contribute the full amount, please indicate the amount that seems appropriate to you given your circumstances. We welcome everyone who wishes to attend a service or services during the holidays.

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Please list the names of those you are honoring with this donation. We will acknowledge them during the service. Please indicate whether this is a memorial contribution.

It is our tradition to give Tzedakah (in this case, monetary gifts) at this time of year.
This year we are collecting money for:
  • Yad Chessed that provides Holiday meals for needy Boston Jewish families
  • Sighet, Rumania Help send a group of non-Jewish Rumanian High School Students to visit Auschwitz


 Please indicate the amount of money you wish to contribute and to which organization (for instance, $25 to Yad Chessed):

If you wish to honor or memorialize someone with this donation, please list their names here:

If you are attending Yizkor (a service on Yom Kippur that memorializes friends and family), please list the names of loved ones that have passed away and their relationship to you (grandfather, coworker, aunt, etc.).

Please list your loved ones who have died since last Yom Kippur here:

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